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PLEASE make sure the quality of the image is CLEAR! I WILL NOT edit your image. However your image is uploaded is exactly how it will be made. We are NOT responsible for blurry images. 

PLEASE BE AWARE that the pre-order shipping may take 2-4 weeks for you to receive a tracking number and your order will be shipped. If you are not okay with that please do not place an order.

BEFORE you place an pre-order wallet double check the "wallets & bags" section first because what you want may be in stock. Even if a wallet is in stock I will still have a pre-order option available just in case it is sold out and you still want to get one. 

These are wallets and they are perfect size. These wallets are bigger than an iPhone 12 pro max. The quality of the wallets are strong and long lasting. You can even slip your phone inside it if you not want to carry a purse and want to show off the beautiful artwork!