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About Me!

Welcome to CakedUpLexInc!

This is your one stop shop! You can shop and treat yourself or a loved one or you can start a business here as well. I have an educational as well as a personal experience when it comes to starting a business. Here is a little bit about me and why I started my business.
My name is Alexis! I am from Long Island, New York! I graduated college is 2019 with my bachelor degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. I also received my cosmetology license in 2015 when I graduated high school. I've always knew since I was younger that I wanted to be my own boss and own my own business. At first my goal was to own my own salon but life happens but I did not let that stop me.
I started my business November 2020 during the pandemic. Once I graduated high school I told myself I will have my own hair business even if it is not a salon then I will settle with selling hair but I love doing hair. I was scared to start my hair business and I did not have enough funds at the time so I decided to start out simple and start an eyelash business so I can start somewhere and grow my customers and then move them to my hair business. Once I started my eyelash business I started to get on all social media platforms and try to gain the followers as well as the sales. Once I started networking the more I started to realize I have so much to offer and started helping other people do things for their business.
I did everything myself when I started my business. I did my research as well guessed my way through with some educational background. Next thing I know helping so many people do things for their business helped me expand my business. Crazy part is I was helping people that was selling things that i was not selling such as candles, body butters, food & etc. Then out of no where I expanded to bonnets, durags, lipgloss, purses, slides & so much. In less than 3 months I hit 4 figures with my business. For some people that was not a lot but to me that motivated me to do better and I was extremely proud of myself.
I am now the CEO of 3 businesses. The 3 business that I now own are CakedUpLexInc (my retail business), CakedUpGlossWholesale (lipgloss wholesale business) and CakedUpWholesale (my designer inspired business). Overall, I am proud of myself and I know my next goal is to hit 6 figures as well as continue to help other people start their business and also treat themselves with my beauty products. My goal is to quit my 9-5 jobs and be my own boss, pay of my student loans & continue to help others become a boss. I want to help other people that want to do but can't afford to do it. I want to change other peoples lives the way how I changed my own especially how I know how hard it can be.